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It is not always easy to get good clinical and histological photographs from uncommon diseases. Some pictures were old, difficult to reproduce, and supplied from the archives of the departments; the individuals who wrote the chapters supplied some others. We will take heed of this suggestion for the future. Classification: There is no perfect classification on which all can agree. Classification, however, is a fundamental process and a necessary starting point in the study of the natural history of disease.

We think that there is nothing wrong to classify obesity as a metabolic disease, and we are not alone in this position [ 1 ]. The same holds for diabetes, which is classified both as a metabolic or a nutritional disease in various textbooks and articles. Necrolytic migratory erythema has also been seen in the absence of a glucagon-producing tumor and may be associated with various systemic diseases, such as celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, etc. Thus, its inclusion in the chapter of pancreatic disease or paraneoplastic disorders could also have been questioned. Concerning the repetition of just a few disease in different chapters, this is not a matter of redundancy or arbitrary and incomplete classification of rare diseases, but, on the contrary, it reflects how metabolic, endocrinologic, nutritional, and deposition diseases may have overlapping features presenting with the same skin manifestation.

For instance, pretibial myxedema can be considered both as a skin manifestation of thyroid disease and also classified among the primary cutaneous mucinoses; the same is true for macular or lichen amyloidosis that can be considered both as a skin manifestation of MEN 2A and also classified among the primary cutaneous amyloidoses. We think that there is nothing obscure or confusing to discuss a disease that is always the same but occurs in different backgrounds and eventually from distinct perspectives. Of course, the more the reader is familiar with this field, the higher and clearer is the perception and the understanding of the different diseases.

This book, in fact, is not for absolute beginner. Incidentally, we consider cutaneous mucinoses and cutaneous calcifying disorders not as simple histological patterns but as a group of different deposition disorders that are heterogeneous. An accurate knowledge of their clinicopathologic features is essential in order not to miss some important underlying association scleromyxedema and monoclonal gammopathy, calciphylaxis in renal disease, etc. In conclusion, we believe constructive criticism is welcome and worth voicing and may contribute to the improvement of our book.

Spurious criticism goes nowhere and sometimes may mask an underlying lack of robust arguments. I thank Drs. Ko and Milette for their reviews of this book, and I thank also Drs. Rongioletti and Smoller for considering and responding to Dr. As Drs. Rongioletti and Smoller are both editors and authors, they are not the only authors of the book.

There is a total of 23 authors, including the editors, and they are positioned principally in Europe and the United States, the exception being two authors from Mexico. Of the 23 chapters in the book, all but nine are written by authors other than the editors. In their Preface, Drs. Rongioletti has been studying, diagnosing, treating, and researching muci-noses and deposition disorders for years and this work represents his dream of consolidating his amassed experiences into a concise atlas and text for the practicing dermatologist, pathologist, dermatopathologist, endocrinologist, and internist.

Smoller has also been actively interested in cutaneous pathology as a window for systemic diseases and his written extensively on this topic. This is a book that is of standard journal size, is relatively thin considering the subject matter, at pages including the index, and the paper is of reasonably good quality.

Pediatric Dermatology Board Review updated.

The editors divide the book into four major parts, as follows:. Cutaneous Nutritional Disease classified by the product of deficiency or excess without respect, necessarily, to cause. The authors present the chapters within each part as if they were separate small reviews as though in a journal.

Furthermore, the authors augment the text with ample photographs of somewhat uneven quality that refer back to the text thus allowing one to find where the authors discuss the histopathological findings.

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The text flows easily from well-constructed sentences within concise paragraphs. Although most of the abbreviations are relatively easy to grasp from the text, a key to abbreviations in the front of each chapter might be a consideration for any future editions. Although one can criticize the authors for some of the photographs in this book, I am amazed at how many very good to excellent photographs are included, especially given the rarity of some of the conditions.

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Minor improvements of standardization of photographic hue and contrast will serve to make the second edition better. I offer one consideration for any future edition of this book, and it is a difficult addition: a diagnostic algorithm linked to the text. Although this is a difficult task, and it perhaps is unfair to ask so much of the authors, it is enormously beneficial to have an algorithm when confronted with specific, concrete histopathologic findings in the daily work of developing a differential diagnosis for the purpose of rendering a specific diagnosis.

Thus, a three-pronged approach — an algorithm, a text with atlas , and a well-developed index — should serve well the second edition of this book. Until then, I will become a serious student of this version. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Dermatol Pract Concept v. Dermatol Pract Concept. Published online Jan Reviewed by Christine Ko , M. Mark A. Dermoscopy is an invaluable instrument for the evaluation of skin, nail and hair conditions and evidence is now irrefutable regarding its ability to increase Author Mamatha M Lala.

The step by step book is embellished with images detailing the key steps of the various procedures which would make it easier for the dermatosurgeon to Over the years, psoriasis has emerged as a common disease of the skin, affecting millions the world over.

Yet, the paucity of sufficient printed learning and Author Shirin Zaheri,Iaisha Ali. Recent Advances in Dermatology: 1 is the ideal resource for keeping abreast of new developments in this constantly changing field. Written by expert authors Author Saurabh Jindal. Author Sacchidanand,Nagesh TS. Our book Sclerotherapy in Dermatology is an attempt to provide a simple and comprehensive guide to the practitioners about sclerotherapy. It includes the This is a concise yet comprehensive book of dermatology that has been prepared with updated and relevant information.

Books by Carlo Gelmetti (Author of Pediatric Dermatology And Dermatopathology)

Entire dermatology has been covered in Dermatology is a visual field. Dermatological diseases express themselves on the skin with varied manifestations. It is likely that a single disease can Author Niti Khunger. This edition includes three new chapters have been added on chemical peeling in acne and acne scars, facial melanoses and periocular peels. There is a definite Author Raj Mani. This book is a comprehensive guide to hair transplantation for dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons.

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The text begins with an introduction to Author Neena Khanna. The aim of this book is to give a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the treatment of acne scars, which can be understood and followed by a young physician Author Sanjay Ghosh, Saurav Kundu. Author Luc Teot, Sylvie Meaume. Author Sonia Tekchandani. The book has concise information about the atypical presentation in different age groups, latest diagnostic techniques including office based procedures like Author B Ramgopal.


Some chapters are totally contributed by my brilliant contributors like the one on biological drugs. The chapters range in size depending on the controversies Tattooing is a very old practice, which involves insertion of ink pigment of the desired color into the dermis. It is practiced worldwide, across all cultures Clinical leprosy, ever since its first publication in the year , has continued to provide an academic access to the understanding of the unique scourge, in Author Koushik Lahiri.

The book has thirty eight chapters, with more than three hundred pages, that cover all aspects of laser treatment, starting with the basic aspects, and Pediatric dermatology is growing in leaps and bounds. There has been constant addition of information in this sub-specialty since its inception. Textbook of This title offers a thoroughly updated presentation of the classic pathophysiology, basics of clinical presentation, and the details of the cutting-edge This book, The Alopecias, is designed as an academic project with the target readers as both postgraduate students and practicing dermatologist.

All chapters Author Raj Mani, Luc Teot. Although skin conditions are common and affect people of all ages, their accurate diagnosis is an arduous task, due to the wide range and their resemblance The book is the need of the hour as it pen down different aspects regarding care, treatment, and cosmetics on sensitive skin. It has brought together global This unique compendium of practical Tips and Tricks in Procedural Dermatology highlights techniques designed to enhance common dermatologic tests and This book will share the experience and art of management of our senior and eminent dermatologists.

This book will also include general tips and tricks in Author Manoj Singh. Author Kiran V Godse. This book provides a refreshing view of several clinical presentations that generally require admission, and discusses all the diagnostic aspects and World clinics are periodicals of evidence-based reviews proposed as a source of comprehensive, state-of-the-art reviews written by experts.

Each issue of Acne is an extremely complex disease with elements of pathogenesis involving defects in epidermal keratinzation, androgen secretion, sebaceous function, Year Book of Dermatology — Fungal Infections is a compilation of some of the recent literature pertaining to various aspects of dermatophytoses. This is an attempt to scan the publications on trichology in the year and The book is divided into various sections starting from basic trichology Follow us:.

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