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Trouble brews where personal feelings and business decisions collide Author: Lynne Curry Alaska Workplace. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share via Email. Share on Tumblr. Share on Reddit. Share on LinkedIn. Share on Google Plus. Print article. I also know how to get the most from visual effects and action, worked as visual effects supervisor and integrate along with Michael J.

Smith my producer to bring decades of experience to build the 's world.

We are meant to make this film. My experience as a hands on editor allows me to "reverse engineer" the film often -- thinking about assembly of shots into scenes, scenes into story and flow and how it will edit as I shoot. I have a fire in my belly to make Trouble Is My Business. I want to see it. This is the right project and the right time to do it. I love making films and there is no more pure form of cinema than film noir.

Your support of the film, in any amount, moves the ball forward towards finishing the film. Film sales agent that we have met with and shown this footage to have said, "Don't wait for something that might happen, make the movie and it will get picked up.

Risks and challenges

You can see what we've done with little or nothing as far as a budget so far. If you like what you see, please give our great team a little support to help finish this movie. The answer is simple. We need your help. To put is less simply, it takes funds to pay your friends who are "helping you for free. We need to shoot the remainder of the film.

Trouble Is My Business

Your support will help us with upcoming expenses:. As we said its low because we want to get the ball rolling.

Thank you very much! We will be using the same crew as they rocked the house, or, to keep it true to the noir period, they jazzed the house. We will work with what we can unless its simply too little of an amount to even start filming again. That is why all contributions, no matter how small, are important. There is a saying, "Many streams lead to mighty rivers.

Love Trouble is My Business

The goal we set is to humbly make sure we can feed our crew and cover hard rental and purchase costs along with personal financing and modest crowd funding efforts to shoot the beginning of the film as a concept demo. Anything over our goal we would like to put to use paying for more detailed sets, longer shoot schedule, a larger team, a more diverse orchestra soundtrack and more of the equipment.

The closer we get to what is needed, the easier it will be to make. We pledge that all funds will go into making Trouble Is My Business a better movie. Our Production Company, Lumen Actus, www. The question then, is not whether it will get made, but in what time-frame. We would love to have it fully completed by the end of this year. No problem; when you contribute, there's an option you can select to donate without receiving a perk in return. Perhaps someone you know is a huge fan of noir films and would be very excited about our film, perhaps someone you know could offer services that a film needs -- anything from catering, to equipment to dry-cleaning.

Let us know, and we'll tell you if it is useful. Like Liked by 1 person. I was one of the first to watch it… and review it. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

8 Warning Signs That Your Business is in Trouble

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Trouble Is My Business

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