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Development Genes and Evolution

Binding Paperback. Number of pages Publication date 24 - 01 - Preview Download introduction and ToC. Nico van Straalen, Dick Roelofs Human Evolution and Development Textbook for Life Sciences Our understanding of human evolution is proceeding at an unprecedented rate over the last years due to spectacular fossil finds, reconstructions based on genome comparison, ancient DNA sequencing and new insights into developmental genetics.

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The authors discuss questions like: What do we know about ancient humans? Sexual selection.

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Artificial selection. Misconceptions about natural selection. A case study of coevolution.

Evolution and Development I

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Sexual selection Artificial selection Adaptation Misconceptions about natural selection Coevolution A case study of coevolution Microevolution Speciation Macroevolution The big issues. Read more about: The nuts and bolts of development Developmental control genes Types of developmental change Ontogeny i.


Learn more about evolution and development in context: Why the eye? Teach your students about development: Mealworm metamorphosis , a classroom activity for grades From butterflies to humans , a lecture for grades Cascade Title. Opinions vary because biologists idealize evolution by natural selection in different ways. For example, as shown here clades might begin with relatively isotropic variation, with evolutionary directions being similarly variable, but evolve stronger developmental bias through time, altering the most probable directions of evolutionary change.

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Figure 1 consists of two pictures showing part of the courtship behavior of Kukulcania hibernalis , while figure 2 shows the features of the claws that were included in the analyses. Figures 3 and 4 display the scaling of different appendages of females and males on body size.

Figure 5 shows the proportion of protruding teeth for each leg of males and females.

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Developmental bias in horned dung beetles and its contributions to innovation, adaptation, and resilience Yonggang Hu David M. Linz Erik S. Parker Daniel B. Schwab Sofia Casasa Anna L. Macagno Armin P.

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