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Weibull statistics, sqrt-E-model voltage acceleration, Arrhenius temperature relationship and Poisson area scaling model were used to analyze the failure distribution. By using maximum likelihood estimation MLE , Weibull parameters were derived by means of a constraint fit that assumes a fixed shape factor for all measured distributions with the whole sample and a fixed ratio of the t63 based on the voltage acceleration model.

The VNCAP structure is composed of stacked metal layers connected by staggered via both drawn at the minimum design rule with wider pitch. The VNCAP structure evaluated in this study has metal width and via sizes drawn at minimum design rules. The metal-to-metal spacing however, was drawn at more relaxed dimensions.

Vertical Natural Capacitor Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (TDDB) Improvement in 28nm_百度文库

With a quick inline test established, process optimization for improved TDDB performance was arrived at in a timely manner. An alternative low alkaline content cleaning chemistry after Cu CMP was then evaluated. Inline Vramp Test Correlation Wafers cleaned with this chemistry exhibited higher Vbd for single metal- layer comb structure Fig.

Thus, it becomes imperative that another inline test to evaluate process splits be developed. An accelerated thermal treatment inserted after the oxide deposition for the first layer at the far BEOL improved the Vbd for the last Mx layer. Inline Vramp test on VNCAP structure shows huge lot to lot variation which shows that this test is not capable of differentiating improvements in the split.

Instead of doing the voltage ramp Vramp test on the VNCAP structure, Vramp on individual metal Mx layer comb structures drawn at minimum design rule spacing was tested to evaluate the splits. Results show that the last Mx layer has degraded Vbd for the splits ran using Slurry B. Slurry A has comparable Vbd across different metal layers. Colloidal Quantum Dot Optoelectronics and Photovoltaics. Gerasimos Konstantatos. Astrometry for Astrophysics. William F. Modern Solar Facilities. Franz Kneer.

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Dielectric Breakdown in Gigascale Electronics: Time Dependent Failure Mechanisms

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Dielectric Breakdown in Gigascale Electronics

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