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About this product Product Information lue Jeans in High Places is both a hunt for lost political treasure and a how-to guide for nursing American democracy back to health. The book details how our political culture has become diseased while at the same time dispelling the cynical view that politics has always been like it is today and always will be. And it prescribes a groundbreaking cure. Identifying distinguishable periods during which the nation's ruling class employed different instruments of social, economic and political control, author Mike McCabe brings readers to terms with the troubling reality that we face another historic moment when democracy in America is giving way to oligarchy and gives this dismal period a name that captures its essence.

The book reaches back to episodes from the past that speak powerfully to what our response could be to the current condition of American democracy. Tales of crooked political dealings, enterprising leaders, and remarkable outcomes produced by dirt-poor unlettered men and women compel us to compare and contrast their predicament with our own.

Book of the Nation – Blue Jean Nation

And we are left with little choice but to acknowledge that conditions like today's have been faced before Blue Jeans in High Places spells out six steps citizens can take today to get back in the driver's seat of our government. American politics is overdue for some extensive renovation. This book is about where it will happen, who will do it, and how.

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Blue Jean Nation is organized as a c 3 , meaning it cannot endorse political candidates. It operates with a statewide network of volunteers. For the first several months, McCabe also worked as a volunteer, out of the basement of his Madison home. In addition to its eight-seat board of directors, McCabe has pulled together a statewide organizing committee of nearly four-dozen people.

We need to develop strategies to help all of us fight unconventionally. At the convention, the delegates elected a new party chair, replacing the one in place during its three straight losses to Walker. Though his group was not a major factor in driving this pick, McCabe sees it as a hopeful sign. Raised on a dairy farm in Clark County, Wisconsin, which to this day is home to more cows than people, McCabe recalls politics being a frequent topic of conversation.

McCabe says the Democratic Party has been in decline his entire adult life, its last high-water mark being the Great Society years, when he was child.

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But the book argues that citizens have repeatedly been able to force the major parties to change how they act. He looked to the progressive movement of the early twentieth century, which never produced a viable third party but did force both major parties to adopt progressive agendas. But what really lit the bulb was the Tea Party movement that, in a few short years, has had tremendous success influencing the Republican Party.

But the Tea Party, notes McCabe, has from the start been funded largely by self-interested outsiders like the Koch brothers.

An Interview With Mike McCabe

It was very media driven. Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations to pour unlimited amounts of money into the political process.

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  • He stayed afterward to hear McCabe speak. Progressives and political radicals need to get active and start speaking up. McCabe responds with a story.

    Early Life and Career

    He says that if she took a drive on the dirt road that passes by the old McCabe family farm, she would see wires strung to every house and barn. How about universal access to cell phone signals?

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    McCabe is just getting started. Democrats, he says, have for years been bullied by conservatives on issues regarding class. And instead of doubling down, the Democrats retreat. Instead of thinking who is liberal and who is conservative, you look at it vertically and ask who is on top and who is at the bottom and you see that the rural and urban voters are at the exact same spot.