The Joke is in your Hand!: The most vulgar polluted and offensive joke book ever

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Bad games. Kidnapping, torture, and rape, to be precise. The Lambert family is the American dream family — happy, healthy, and vacationing in a cabin by the lake.

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And Ms. Lambert love games. Good games. Sexual foreplay and, er… sex, to be precise. They do it a lot. So when the Fannellis cross paths with the Lamberts, their games of choice clash.

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In a bad way. Reaction — I considered not finishing the book had the story followed through with its torture porn set-up, which I do not care for.

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The story was well-written, extremely suspenseful, and the tension just kept ratcheting up. But I had less than zero sympathy for the bad guys. No redeeming qualities there. I also questioned the believability of the brothers continually eluding the law, given their long-term careers in torture, and I questioned their odd relationship with their mother. A bit heavy on the explicit sex descriptions for my taste.

The ending was as abrupt as the jerk of a noose, but it worked. Reaction — Again, I questioned the Fannelli family relationship, and the seemingly magical way they kept eluding the law. Work hard, deduce correctly, avoid the treachery of the other builders and the sharp teeth of the lurking monsters, and you just might have a chance!

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