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W. V. Quine's systematic development of mathematical logic has been widely This revised edition, in which the minor inconsistencies observed since its first.

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S74 S Unknown. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Contributor Eberl, Jason T. Decker, Kevin S. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.

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Summary Take a trip on the Starship Enterprise before the "Star Trek" film teleports itself into cinemas. The spirit of exploration that characterizes "Star Trek"'s various television and cinematic incarnations is also the driving force behind philosophical inquiry throughout human history. This volume gathers together twenty-one professional philosophers who recognize, as most other Trekkies have over the past 40 years, that "Star Trek" isn't merely escapist entertainment.

Rather, "Star Trek" calls viewers back again and again to consider questions not only about the scientific prospects of interstellar travel, but also the inward journey to examine the human condition. The essays in this volume follow "Star Trek"'s inspiration to reach out to the farthest frontiers the mind may reach, while also delving deep into the human essence.

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Among the questions dealt with in this volume is how it's possible for persons from different cultural backgrounds to communicate with each other; whether there's value in the Stoic temperament of emotional detachment exhibited by Vulcans, and how difficult it may be to live such a logical life.

These books teach philosophical wisdom by looking closely at entertainment icons. In each volume of this best-selling series, a team of sharp philosophical brains puts one pop culture icon movie, TV show, or other topic under the microscope, exposing its hidden philosophical implications in an instantly readable way. Bibliographic information.

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Publication date Series Popular culture and philosophy ; v. Browse related items Start at call number: PN S74 S He explains that people are already interested in pop culture, so it can be used to make underlying philosophical ideas more engaging to the general public in a kind of sneak attack. Ken asks Richard whether philosophical ideas are self-consciously present in pop culture, or whether works of popular culture are being leveraged as excuses to philosophize.

Richard recognizes that there is truth in both of these scenarios. He, however, is more interested in writing about pop culture that is clearly philosophical already.

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The discussion then moves on to focus on South Park as a politically philosophical show. Other works like The Prestige , Memento , and The Matrix are interesting for traditional, metaphysical reasons. South Park , on the other hand, does the best job of taking an honest look at issues in applied ethics. By the end of shows, both left and right-wing beliefs are skewered to uncover sensical middle ground opinions.

Ken, John, and Richard conclude by taking a look at popular culture that deals specifically with time travel.

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Movies like The Butterfly Effect and A Sound of Thunder , Richard says, do not handle the topic well because they make the common mistake of using time travel as a means of changing the past. At the conclusion of the show, John admits to having been won over to the project of philosophy and pop culture despite his previous skepticism. Despite the crass commercialism that drives the production of many movies, there's no doubt that film is a distinctive and distinctively powerful art form.

The Movie Show Feb 08, Movies play a large role in modern life.

A History of Philosophy - 52 Kant's Epistemology

We enjoy watching them; we idolize the actors and actresses who appear in them; we analyze the directors. What is humor? Related Resources. Bragues, George Bussey, Alex McAndrew, Jennifer Skoble, Acon Decker, Kevin, and Jason Eberl, eds.

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ISBN: Gimbel, Steven, ed. Hanley, Richard, ed. Hardcastle, Gary, and George Reisch, eds. Schneider, Susan, ed.